The sad delusions of Brexit Party MEPs

Knowing that they are losing the support of public opinion back home, the new Brexit Party MEPs have decided to focus their efforts on denigrating, ridiculing and demonising the institution they chose to stand for.Not for them the nitty-gritty work of actually scrutinising European policies or shapi

The welcome shift of emphasis of Labour policy on Brexit

The shift of emphasis of Labour’s Brexit stance to demanding a public vote on any Brexit outcome may be taking a long time, hopefully in order to get (almost) everyone on board, but it is happening. Moreover, it is fully justified.Two years ago, Labour had said in its manifesto that it respected the

Interview on France24

This week I was interviewed by France24 on the European elections and Labour's Brexit position. This week I was interviewed (twice) by France24 and talked about the European elections and Labour’s Brexit position.Click here to watch the English interview.Click Here to watch the French interview.

Brexiteers are falling behind

In my latest article for Labour List, I argue that while the European election results were not good for Labour, nor were they good for the Brexit supporting parties. Labour must move to a wholehearted backing of a public vote on Brexit in order to stop haemorrhaging votes.

The New European Parliament

Socialists and other pro-European parties did far better than had been predicted in last week's elections. Below is an overview of what the new European Parliament is going to look like. Socialists and pro-European parties did far better than expected and the far-right will stay a (divided) minority

Victoria Derbyshire Show

Interviewed by Joanna Gosling on the European election results and what this might mean for shifts in Labour Party policy.

Sky News Interview 27 May

Speaking on Sky News, the evening after the election results, explaining that they show that votes for Remain supporting parties have increased and beaten votes for Leave voting parties.

Reflections on the European Election Results

Looking behind the Farage-focussed headlines to see what the UK voters were trying to tell Labour, and the country. The European election results were not good for Labour, halving our number of seats from 20 to 10 and losing valued colleagues.Labour haemorrhaged votes mostly to the Greens and the Li

European Election Campaign

Some images from the European election campaign. Wonderful support from Labour Party members across Yorkshire and Humber.

Today Programme 9 May

My interview with Nick Robinson prior to Labour’s launch of the manifesto for the European elections.

Proportional Representation in Regional Constituencies. How does it work?

The D'Hondt system used for election MEPs is proportional, but votes for smaller parties are not always translate into seats. Here is an explainer of how the system works. For Westminster elections, parties each put up one candidate for each constituency. The one with the most votes wins the single

Where are we now on Brexit, a new referendum, and the European elections?

Brexit is turning out to be very different from what was promised by the Leave campaign three years ago, so it is justified to ask people to confirm whether they wish to proceed or not.Not holding a referendum on the actual Brexit deal is tantamount to saying to the public “You had your say three ye

‘We are bound by more than just Treaties’.

Speaking in the final European Parliament session before the May elections, the day after the terrible blaze at Notre Dame de Paris, I reflect on President Tusk’s comments that ‘we are bound by more than just treaties’ and why parties supporting Brexit are afraid of another referendum, now the Brit

Radio Humberside Interview 11 April

After an unpredictable few days and weeks, the EU27 and the UK have agreed to a further extension until 31 October 2018. Here I talk about what this means for our continued membership, MEP elections in May, Brexit and the increasing possibility of a confirmatory ballot.

Put it to the People March

On Saturday 23 March, I joined well over one million others to call for a public vote on whatever Brexit deal finally emerges from this dysfunctional Tory government. Parliament has (thankfully) already ruled out a disastrous No Deal Brexit. Theresa May’s current deal, already twice defeated by sign

Fisking Theresa May’s Grimsby Speech

Theresa May gave a speech in Grimsby today ahead of the second “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal in Parliament on Tuesday. Below is the text of her speech, with my comments inserted in red.Next week, Members of Parliament in Westminster face a crucial choice. Whether to back the Brexit deal – or

What the heck happens now?

Looking beyond Westminster procedures, government splits, and other shenanigans, there are only four possible outcomes of the Brexit saga. Looking beyond Westminster procedures, party splits, and other shenanigans, there are only four possible outcomes of the Brexit saga:1. A no-deal Brexit Such a s

Italian PM speaks to European Parliament

There was an interesting debate in the European Parliament yesterday with the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.The first striking thing was that Nigel Farage initially sat on the front row, keenly anticipating what he thought would be a Eurosceptic speech from a Prime Minister who heads a coal

It’s not just the backstop!

Despite her focus on it, the "backstop" is not the main problem (if indeed it is a problem) with her deal. There are plenty of other problems with it that she wants us to ignore. Fifteen failures in Theresa May’s dealTheresa May is working on the assumption that the only problem with her Brexit deal

Hey UK, the EU’s watching you!

Brexit has illustrated once again that the British press and politicians immersed in the notorious ‘Westminster bubble’ tend to forget that continental politicians, journalists and diplomats – most of whom speak and read English well – are also watching the debate. The idea that strategies and tacti