Behind the Headlines

"No-deal Brexit could leave pets stuck at border"

Written on 09/12/2018

What’s the story?

Pets travelling with their owners could be left waiting on the continent if we leave the EU without a deal. Read more in The Sun

How reliable is the story?

Reliable. There needs to be a deal on keeping the pet passport scheme for animals to continue to travel or move with their owners.

What’s the background?

  • The government has begun issuing warnings of how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Evidence

  • One aspect yet to be mentioned is the future of the Pet Passport scheme. Evidence

  • At present, British pets can travel with their owners from the UK to the EU and back as long as they carry a pet passport, which proves they have been vaccinated against rabies, and are microchipped or have a readable tattoo. Evidence

  • In contrast, those traveling to or from countries not part of this scheme must obtain a veterinary certificate, send their pet through customs, and possibly wait four months for their pet to come out of quarantine. Evidence

  • Around 250,000 cats and dogs are taken to the continent by their owners every year. Evidence

  • If there is a deal, this scheme is likely to continue, as the UK can become a non-EU listed country. Evidence

  • However, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned in July that failure of talks will have many consequences, including Britain dropping out of the system allowing pets to travel with their owners across the channel. Evidence

image courtesy lecates via flickr

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